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LWVTN comments on health care reform implementation:

LWVTN Letter to Gov. Haslam November 23, 2012

Facts about Medicaid Expansion in Tennessee (Talking points)

Why Medicaid Expansion is Critically Important to Tennessee

Fact sheet about how Medicaid expansion will affect Tennessee's hospitals, Nov. 2012

Comments on HHS Exchange rule, Oct 2011

Comments on HHS bulletin on Essential Health Benefits, Jan 2012

Uninsured Tennesseans: Percentage of uninsured Tennesseans in each county eligible for TennCare

Other resources:

Health Care Reform Information page, TN Dept. of Commerce and Insurance, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

Health Information & The Law, George Washington University's Hirsh Health Law & Policy Program and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Impacts of Health Reform in Shelby County, Tennessee (Dec 2010), University of Memphis

State Action Toward Creating Health Insurance Exchanges (Jul 2012), Kaiser Family Foundation, Tennessee Action

A clear explanation of the individual health insurance coverage mandate under the ACA + from Kaiser Family Foundation PDF

Read the reprint from LWVN HC Reports on ACA & Implementation (July-November 2013)

Your League in action: Click here to see the TennCare Expansion petition delivered to Gov. Haslam's office. (Please wait through the commercial)-- See also

The LWVTN Succeeded as a plaintiff in the lawsuit protesting the TN Dept of Commerce & Insurance Emergency Rules on navigators and the League's role as a plaintiff in this complaint. Talking Points See the LWVN President Debby Gould video: We are in the Washington Post See the Final Judgment